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COVID-19 Latest News from Bilu Law

To Our Friends and Clients:

First and foremost, everyone here at Bilu Law and Ron S. Bilu, P.A. send our prayers and thoughts to those people and the families of those people currently dealing with the effects of COVID-19. While this can be a scary time to be an American, it is important that we come together to support each other in times like these. These sudden changes to our personal lives and daily practices brings new challenges to the business world and workplace. This has required us to re-think some of our habits with which we have come accustomed. 

Our hours of operation have not changed at our Broward office in Pompano Beach and Miami. And our Miami attorneys are available by appointment to serve your needs. We are following the recommendations of the CDC and WHO closely, and are taking precautions in our office to ensure it is safe and sanitary. It has been a practice of our firm to favor face to face meetings, closings and consultations with clients and others with which we interact. Our firm has always made available, however, alternative technology to facilitate what we do. These may serve important to you in light of the new norms of social interaction. Those services include:

  • Video conferencing and consultation.  Those who may be out of town, or down the street, may prefer a face to face meeting without leaving their home. Bilu Law, P.A. and Ron S. Bilu, P.A. utilize widely available video conferencing services for a desk to desk conference when a personal meeting is not feasible. 
  • Encrypted cloud service file sharing.  We are always open to accept documents at our office. Alternatively, documents may be delivered to or from any location by upload to or download from our firm’s private cloud file server, with virtually unlimited file size capacity. 
  • Mobile and online notary services. Service is available for a qualified notary public to attend a home or office for facilitating the signatures on documents requiring notarization. Services are available for a local transaction and throughout most metropolitan areas of the United States. Recent changes in the law in Florida have also provided for online notarization over approved and qualified platforms. Our firm is preparing to utilize these systems only after careful vetting to assure the most minimum risk to transaction integrity. You can expect to see the availability of online notarization through our office over the coming fiscal quarter.
  • E-recording and digital file systems. For many years, our firm has practiced a digital file system and electronic recording for counties throughout Florida, and for many counties throughout the United States. Documents and paper are handled in our office and through mailing only when completely necessary. 
  • IP phone system and remote desktop availability.  As do many businesses in today’s market, here at BILU LAW, P.A. and RON S. BILU, P.A. we utilize an internet protocol phone system and remote desktop availability for its attorneys and staff. This allows continuity of business and attention to our clients even when we may be out of town, during tropical storms or other public emergencies or when we are simply not in our office.   

I am always available if you wish to discuss with me any specific concerns you may have going forward, or a specific challenge you may face in this immediate future. Of course if you prefer to talk in person, please do not hesitate to reach out. We wish you and your families the best in this time of public health emergency. And we are here and will remain available to meet your real estate, business, and bankruptcy needs.

Truly Yours,

Ron S. Bilu, Esq. - Managing Partner