Medical Marijuana

It's been a hard fight, but Amendment 2 has finally passed and patients and Florida will finally be able to get the relief they need.  The Department of Health has 9 months to issue regulations for the legal manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of Medical Marijuana. 

Medical Marijuana is already a 6 Billion Dollar Industry in the other states that have already legalized medical access. This industry isn't just about the cultivation and dispensing of marijuana. There are a lot of ancillaryindustries like tracking inventory, providing for the security of cultivators and distributors as well as supplies for the next users. Florida is no different, and analysts project that this industry will be a major source of revenue in Florida, on par with Tourism, Citrus, and Sugar.

Just because your business does not “touch the plant” doesn't mean that you are immune from regulation.  Ancillary businesses also need to comply with state and local regulations in order to make sure that they can continue to thrive and grow with the industry.

Our attorneys have long been proponents of legalization for Medical Use. This industry is no joke, and it will be highly regulated. Whatever your connection to the industry, you will need legal help. Our attorneys are here to  help you with every aspect of your business, such as:


  • Corporate/LLC Formation 
  • Trademark
  • Banking Regulations
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Licensing and Business Tax Reciepts 
  • Compliance with Local Ordinances
  • Zoning Variances

Without proper planning, your investment and your business could go up in smoke. We can help connect you with others partners in the industry to make sure that your new venture runs smoothly and efficiently.  Let us put our passion to work for you!